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When & Where:

Saturday, April 3, 22.00 Monster Ronsons, Warschauer Strasse 34, 5 Euro,thedarknessberlin.wordpress.com.

Hello Darklings! For our fourth party under The Darkness-flag we present an evening of obscure 80’s, apocalyptic lounge and cold cold sounds.

Live: Maris Bon (Stockholm

Dj’s: Petra Flurr (Sabbat Berlin), Dean Gullers (Hole Stockholm), Tom Ass (The Darkness)

Visuals: Kate Ehrhardt


About the performers: Maris Bon is Maja, known as the singer from swedish dark indie act The Kid (Hybris), backed up By Mårten of bands such as The Tourettes and Osiris. Together they make post apocalyptic lounge covers in broken german. You truly haven’t lived until you hear their rendition of Blümchen’s “Heute Ist Mein Tag”. This is how they describe themselves: “Maris Bon and her pianist will not stop playing even though the world is ending like Titanic sinking. We create a surreal, pretentious and solemn moment where the singer and her pianist dreams of living in an image, an image of a dream to live in. That dream is the cliché of Germany. The dream about dressing the soldiers wounds. The dream about being the centre of the universe even if that dream will kill us all in the end” http://www.myspace.com/marisbon

About the dj’s: Petra Flurr is one of the hardest working freaks of the Berlin underground. You have most likely seen him/her perform at clubs like Ich Bin Ein Berliner or Poopsy and if you haven’t…well, your loss. At The Darkness s/he’s bringing some seriously obscure minimal wave, dark wave, new wave and post punk.http://www.myspace.com/petraflurrr

Dean Gullers is a transplant from Sweden. Just like Petra he is a connoisseur of the 80’s that you don’t know about. In his native Stockholm he is known for whipping up dark analogue sounds at clubs like (his own) Hole as well as Marie Laveau and F12, but his gig at The Darkness is his Berlin debut. Expect hearing Tuxedomoon and Informatics during Deans set.http://www.myspace.com/carteblanchecarteblanche

Tom Ass is One of the two hosts of The Darkness, as always he is bringing an eclectic mix of noise rock, electronica, no wave and death rock.

Kate Ehrhardt is a performance artist and VJ. She mixes strange silent movies with hard technology and brings forth a stunning world of visual weirdness.

(The Flyer and Artwork was made by the masterful Tim Brackmann)


Pictures from The Darkness (March 6) part 3

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Pictures from The Darkness (March 6) part 2

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Pictures from The Darkness (March 6) part 1

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The Darkness #3

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The Darkness
-Memento Mori

The Darkness is a queer, black tinged celebration and our focus is desolate dance music and dark beats. Wether it’s punk, industrial, rock, dubstep, noise, techno, metal or dark wave, we don’t strive for musical purism, we strive to find the darker shades of the rainbow. For our third night at Monster Ronsons we are proud to bring you a great line-up:

Sofia Härdig (Filthy Records)
Hanno Hinkelbein (Null Records)
Linus Gabrielsson (The Darkness)
Tom Ass (Slick Stockholm)

Saturday, March 6, 22.00
Monster Ronsons, Warschauer Strasse 34, 5 Euro

Sofia Härdig has been called “the new electronica queen”. In soundscapes filled with broken glass, barbed wire and abandoned factory Sofias voice breaks through the noise to create desolate beauty. Names like Beth gibbons and Jarboe comes to mind but Sofia plays in a league of her own.

Hanno Hinkelbein is a legend in the Berlin underground. He’s the head honcho at Null Records, a member of the technopunkband Aeox and a regular dj at raves and clubs all over Germany. At The Darkness he will be drawing lines between the Berlin techno scene and industrial and alternative sounds like Killling Joke and Godflesh.

Linus Gabrielsson is recognisable to The Darkness regulars as the musician behind the performance “Safety Cupboard” (The Darkness #1). When he’s not knee deep in noise and electroacoustic he enjoys a good bass drum and at The Darkness he will be mixing strange and unexpected sounds, beats and tweaks from all over the world.

Tom Ass was dj-ing clubs in Stockholm for years before relocating to Berlin. He is now one of the hosts of The Darkness where he will be serving up dark beats and sounds from different times and genres.

(The Flyer was made by king Deom and the art was painted by Erik Mittasch)

More than goth

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As much as we love goth, darkwave and EBM, our intention with The Darkness has never been, and will never be, to throw party aimed exlusively at the dark scene. We believe that darkness is a force present in almost every genre of music and art, and we hope to be able to showcase a broad spectrum of musical expressions that will challenge the freaks and ghouls that come to our parties, while urging them to dance and have a good time. For the upcoming night, March 6th we have chosen a line-up that is perhaps more beats oriented and electronic than our prior nights. Still we believe that anyone familiar with The Darkness will feel right at home. The Line-up will be presented shortly. Enjoy some sweet tunes while you wait.

Harry Rod enters The Darkness

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On Saturday we are proud to present a live set by Harry Rod, also known as Dalglish, O.S.T., Rock Vallade and to his mates Chris Douglas.

Chris has a plentiful back catalog, spanning over different genres. With his roots firmly in the early techno scene he moves between glitchy crackling soundscapes, deconstructed dance music and noisy ambience.

We actually have no idea what Chris will be performing on Saturday. We didn’t care to ask as we are sure it will be an aural experience no matter what territory he will take us too.

The 1st of April Chris will be performing with Autechre at Berghain. But before that, we recommend you to come see him at The The Darkness. More of Chris here: